A Short Film


Uptown Nampa. Sometime in the nineties…

Eugene Goodman is in his early thirties, with black hair combed back, a slight figure, and not that tall. In short, completely average.

Office job, normal salary, a lot of work with medium good chances of getting up. He owns a small car and always pays his taxes on time. A good citizen in the middle of society. Every day at the same time the same work. Smile every day for the superiors and the arrogant colleagues. But the throbbing of performance, insomnia, drugs and depression push him ever further into a downward spiral that he can not escape. But there is a voice that tells him that his current situation, his current life is not the ultimatum - that's not all is going to somehow fill the gaping gap between birth and death. He can want more. More power and control.

Long enough, he was at the bottom of the food chain. A vermin in the system of large corporations. Manipulated and conditioned on everyday life and efficiency. But that will change. One day when Goodman receives a mail that can and will change everything.